Croatia Beach

The most of the beach along Croatian coast are rock beach (about 75%) and the rest (about 25%) are pebble beaches. Pebble beaches are usually situated in the bays and the promontories are always rock made. Sandy beaches are quite rare, but it is usual that every good beach (near cities) have an little part with sand for children.

beach Fazana

Fazana - beach

beach Krk

Krk - beach

Nearby cities the beaches are settled by paths and cement terraces to facility the access to the sea. These "constructions" are usually made environmentally compatible and in some places (Riviera of Opatija ...) is hard to imagine that the coast could have ever been different or more beautiful. The water, prevalently, isn't immediately deep and even bad swimmer can enjoy it. Anyway, for the beaches in Croatia, the shoes for a beach are strongly recommended.

The main advice about beach choice is - don't place you in the nearest beach which one is usually full of the people. There is no private coast in Croatia, almost all beaches are free and all coast is the beach. Try to find some part of it only for yourself, or find some island - you can rent a boat and reach the most beautiful places hardly accessible by road. If you go by car, you will see outside of cities unexpectedly the cars parked along road - that "means" that an nice beach is near.
There are special beaches and camping for a nudists (with FKK sign), but usually outside of cities all beaches become for nudist or "mixed" (in Dugi Otok island, for example)