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Krk bridge
Krk bridge

The island Krk is the most northern island of the Mediterranean Sea; connected to the mainland by a bridge is easy achievable. Even if it is so northern, the island has a nice climate with a annual average temperature 4 degrees higher than elsewhere in the same geographical width. At the same time Krk maintains the characteristics of an Adriatic island: jagged coasts rich of bays and inlets, a lot of little islands, beaches with rocks, pebbles and sand, a great cookery based on fresh fishes. The island is a succeeding of little town faced on the sea quite different one to another but everyone has its charm and deserves a visit: the suggestion is to move daily from one place to another, in a new town, a new beach, a little restaurant, a "konoba", taking advantage of the condition of the street that, all things considered, is quite good...



Omisalj beach Omisalj beach

Omisalj is the first town achievable after the bridge of Krk; it is placed on a peaceful bay and it has a little protected harbor. The historical center is placed higher than the beaches and than the part recently built up with its hotel (...follows).


Njivice and Malinska (with Krk) are the towns that offers more from the tourist point of view: restaurants, pubs, dancing terraces, nocturnal life and sporting center.
Malinska has a picturesque boardwalk to the sea that, going through the verdant pinewood runs into beaches of rocks and cliffs vertically on the sea. The boardwalk is ideal for jogging.


Njivice Malinska Malinska beach


The Town Punat - that gave name to its bay - has the best harbor for private ships of the island and, among the recently built up houses, it is possible to admire the typical fisherman's houses. Glavotok arises around the nunnery and it is in front of the island Cres; the beach is the typical one made by rocks and, its structure, guarantees the most absolute privacy.


Punat Punat Glavotok


The little island of Kosljun is placed in the Punat bay and it is largely included in the routes of cruiser that started from Punat and Krk. The island has a Franciscan monastery, the grammar school established by the Habsburg, a rich Library and a picture-gallery with different artistic collections. Vrbnik is placed in the north-east part of the island; it is a medieval castle-town climbed on a cliff more than 50m vertically on the sea. It is recommended the restaurant "Nada" (reservation necessary), and the "konoba" situated below where it is possible to taste ham, sheep cheese, local wine (Zlahtina of Vrbnik) and corned sardines - all typical products of the island.



Kosljun Vrbnik Stara Baska Stara Baska Stara Baska


Baska is a well known touristic resort - more than the harbor from which sail ferries for Rab Island. Stara Baska has the most desired beaches of the island, lonesome (not in august) and difficult to approach: this beaches are achievable with ships (easier) or with cars. In the second case you can leave your car parked on the street and, with very steep paths achieve the beaches.

Baska Baska