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Branko and Nicoletta

We are an Italian-Croatian couple living in Verona (Italy). 24 hours daily we take a care that this web site is online, data refreshed, any question answered. story

We have the idea for this web site in 2000. - having some free time available we wanted to exploit our knowledge about Croatia and resolve the situation that was repeating every year; before the tourist season our Italian friends were asking us travel information about Croatia and after tourist season our Croatian friends were complaining about their empty accommodations. We thought that making an web site about Croatia we could help the both of them and lot of other persons with the similar problems.


Trying to collect information, photos and publish them on the web (we didn't know nothing about it when we started) we were "obligated" to learn the HTML, Javascript, graphic, promotion secrets... After some time we found us to know quite enough about how to make an web site and we decided to make an family firm and to "start adventure" as webmasters.

Your contribution

Any information, advice, photo (about Croatia) you send us is welcome and we will know how to use it to make our web site better. We will be extremely glad if you could indicate us the language errors you find; we started in Italian language, later we made Croatian and English version. In a short time we are intentioned to make an German, Czech, Polish, Dutch ... version. As we don't speak these languages, we will use automatically internet translator and we don't doubt that it will be full of mistakes, but we hope that with your help we will make it out and make Croatia closer to more people.

Our Services

WE ARE NOT A TRAVEL AGENCY, but an firm for software services which maintain "" web pages (our main web site is in domain "" in Italian language)
The accommodation rent contracts, the contracts about using all services presented in our web site, the users are concluding directly with house owners and who offers the service.

If you offer some tourist service (or your business have something in common with Croatia) and you are interest to promote it on our web portal, contact us or read the page with our Business offer

Do you need some web page or web site? We already realized some projects (after, of course) (Kroatien Fewo, Bravo Casa), so if you like our way to work, be free to contact us.

Copyright / Copyleft

All information, files, photos (the most of them we took by ourself) that you find on our web site are freeware - send us an e-mail indicating what you want to use and where and if it is for personal or non commercial use, we will give you the permission for free use.
If you find something that belongs to you or violate your copyright, please let us know and we will cancel it as soon as possible.

Privacy respects Italian law 196/2003 about Privacy protection. Personal data that you send us will be used only for our need and will not be gave to any other person or society.
If you subscribe our newsletter indicating your e-mail address, during the year we will send you not more than 4 messages about changes and news on our web site. You can ask us in any moment to cancel your e-mail address (send an request on and stop receive the newsletter.


To protect e-mail addresses of our collaborators that send us the photos, advice etc. from "spammers" and "viruses" we indicate them "changed a little bit". For an good intentional human isn't hard to understand the trick - if you have a problems, contact us and we will help you. (Spamarrest)

Disclaimer in the persons of authors disclaims any and all responsibility for any harm resulting from using information or material displayed on web pages.

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