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General Conditions of Apartment Rent

The most of accommodations that you can see in our web site apply the general conditions of apartment rent as below.


The Apartment ("Apartment") will be available for occupation from 13.00 until 18.00 o'clock.

The Apartment can be available even before than 13.00 if the persons that used it before, leave it in anticipation giving to the house owner enough time to clean it.

In the case of Guest's ("Guest") delay (arrival after 18.00), the Guest must inform the House Owner ("Owner") by telephone call

If the Guest is delay over than 48 hours, the Owner will cancel the House Rent Contract ("Contract") and keep the advance, or he can ask other advance payment to continue to keep Apartment still available.

The balance of the payment must be paid on arrival in Apartment or within 24 hours.

On arrival, the Guest must give to the Owner the travel documents of all occupants to permit him to complete the office procedures. The Owner must give the documents back as soon as possible and at least within 5 days.

The Owner delivers the Apartment clean and ready for use, complete of bedding that will be changed weekly.

If there are some damages in Apartment, the Guest must inform the Owner within 48 hours from arrival.

The money deposit (only if requested by the Contract), is to pay to the Owner on arrival in the Apartment and will be given back by the Owner on departure.

The Guest must leave Apartment within 10.00 of the day indicated in the Contract and leave the keys to the Owner.


The Guest is obligate for an proper use of Apartment without damaging furniture and things.

Any damage or breakage in Apartment will be charged to the Guest.

The Owner is obligate to be available for Guest during whole rental period and resolve any problem that could prohibit the normal use of Apartment.

The Owner will not change for any reason the price of rent indicated in the Contract (if the period, number of persons or pets doesn't change) neither will ask any other payment for the rent of Apartment (taxes, use of electricity ...)

The Guest is obligate to not permit the stay in Apartment of more persons that are indicated in the Contract and, in any case, to ask before the permission to the Owner.

The Guest will respect the time of repose and will not disturb neighborhood; otherwise, the Owner can stop the rent without obligate of any refund.


All data indicated in Contract (number of persons, arrival and departure data...) can be changed only if approved by both sides. Otherwise, all data must be respected as indicated in Contract. Entire house rent price must be paid even in the cases when :
- the Apartment is used by less persons than indicated by Contract
- Guest is late and he take Apartment in rent with one ore more days of delay.

If the Guest renounce to house rent or don't come inside of 48 hours from the arrival date, he loses the money advance that he paid.

The Owner must refund the money advance to the Guest increased by postal (or bank) costs that he had to send a money advance if :
- he don't allow the use of the Apartment to the Guest or cancel the Contract
- data that describing Apartment in the Contract are not true and because of that the Guest decide to renounce to the rent of Apartment.

If Guest should must stop the use of Apartment for any private reason and leave it before the departure data indicated by Contract, the Owner wasn't obligate to refund him the days he will not use Apartment.


The pets can stay in the Apartment only if they are indicated by the Contract and in the number as indicated by the Contract.

The Guest will not allow the damage of furniture by his pets and he takes the full responsibility for them and damages they make.

The pets cannot be left alone in Apartment.

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